Romero lab People

Dr. Paula M Omena

Postdoctoral researcher

Interested in food web dynamics, and how biodiversity (alpha, functional and phylogenetic diversity) affects ecosystem functioning. Use bromeliad food webs as model systems. 

Dr. Crasso Paulo Bosco Breviglieri

Postdoctoral researcher

Interested in predation risk, trait-mediated indirect interactions, landscape of fear, trophic cascade and ecosystem functioning, vertebrate ecology and behaviour.

Fátima Recalde Ruiz


Interested in water-land interfaces and allochthonous subsidies. Effects of subsidies on predator density in riparian zones. Tools: stable isotope approaches to investigate diet of predators derived from aquatic and terrestrial prey.

Gustavo Migliorini


Interested in detrital diversity and global warming on detritivore survival, community structure and ecosystem functioning. 

Tiago N Bernabé


Interested in the interactive effects of detritivorous invertebrates and microorganisms on detrital processing, and how global warming affect these interactions and detrital processing

Felipe Rezende Fernandes de Oliveira


Interested in how global warming and diversity of predators affect the stability of trophic networks and ecosystem functions, using microfauna communities of bromeliads as model system.

Dr. Mônica Kersch-Becker

Former Lab member - Postdoctoral researcher

Interested in tritrophic interactions, plant defenses, predation risk, chemical ecology, herbivore population dynamics, mutualisms and trait-mediated indirect interactions.

Jennifer Tezuka Macedo

Former lab member; Biologist / lab technician

Gustavo C. Piccoli

PhD - Former Lab Member

Interested in the effets of cross-ecosystem trophic cascades, particularly the magnitude effects of predators living in land-water boundaries on aquatic ecosystem functioning. Tools: stable isotopes. 

Camila Vieira

PhD - Former Lab Member

Interested in plant-pollinator-predator interactions and behaviours; evolution of colour and crypsis in crab spiders (Thomisidae). Tools: molecular phylogenies, and fluorescence intensity and UV reflexion. 

Ana Zangirólame Gonçalves

PhD - Former Lab Member

Interested in top-down effects of predarory ants on community structure of invertebrates living in tank bromeliads. And effects of ants on ecosystem functioning and bromeliad nutrition. Tools: ecophysiology and stable isotopes of N and C.

Dr. Leandro Sabagh

Former lab member; PhD - UERJ (Rio de Janeiro)

Interested in ecology of bromeliad-frog interactions. Study bromeliad-frog mutualisms and the effects of frogs on the funcioning of bromeliad food webs.

Andrew MacDonald

PhD - Former Lab Member (from D. Srivastava Lab)

Andrew MacDonald was a PhD Student with Dr. Diane Srivastava at University of British Columbia. He is interested in the effect of predators on community composition, and in how the size and scale of ecological communities influences their composition.

Bárbara Mamede de Oliveira

Former lab member (technician)

Dr. Thiago Gonçalves-Souza

PhD - former lab member

Interested in phylogenetic community ecology, diversity patterns at the geographic scale, metacommunity. Studied biota associated to plants over a latitudinal gradiente (Brazilian restingas

Bruno B. Grisolia

Msc - former lab member

Interested in tri-trophic interactions, animal-plant interactions, pollination biology, predation risk and trait-mediated indirect effects.

Rafaela Marques Machado

Msc - former lab member

​Interested in how climate change affects top-down effects of spider-living bromeliads (Psecas sp.) on the structure of aquatic fauna community  from tank bromeliads in Setiba-ES.   

Aline H Nishi

Msc - former lab member

Interested in plant nutrition by animals and microorganisms. Described a new case of carnivory in plants from rocky mountains (Paepalenthus bromelioides)


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2010 - present

2010 - present