Prof. Gustavo Q Romero

Principal Investigator, Associate Professor

Associate Professor

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My research interests are broadly in the area of ecology and evolution. I seek to understand the role of environmental variation and species interactions on food web structure and dynamics, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in the direct, indirect and interactive effects of global change (warming, precipitation variation, stoichiometric shifts in C:N ratios, habitat loss) and community features (trophic diversity, body size, species and trait composition) on food web structure, species diversity (taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic), as well as on ecosystem stability and functioning. In addition, I am interested in density- and trait-mediated trophic cascades within and across ecosystems, and the role of allochthonous subsidies in ecosystem linkages (water-land). I have undertaken research in freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, manipulative experiments in laboratory and field, and also surveys across latitudinal and altitudinal gradients. I have investigated a variety of natural systems, including natural microcosms (e.g., bromeliads), stream-land interfaces and plant-pollinator-herbivore-predator interactions, as model systems. I also work with databases analysed using meta-analysis approach to test specific hypotheses of global interest.


Dr. Pablo A. P. Antiqueira

Postdoctoral researcher

Interested in the effects of global change (precipitation and warming) and biodiversity on food web structure and ecosystem multifunctionality. 

Laura Lucas Trujillo

Doctoral candidate

Interested in non-lethal effects and trait-mediated indirect effects of predators on prey and their impacts on trophic cascades and ecosystem functioning. Uses large vertebrates as model systems. 

Tháles A. Pereira

Doctoral candidate

Interested in nutritional mutualisms involving plants and animals, and in vertical flux of nutrients in forest canopies; particularly, how canopy components (e.g., tank bromeliads), affect plant community structure in tropical forests.  

Sandra Benavides Gordillo

Doctoral candidate

Interested in the influence of climate change (warming and precipitation) and detritus quality on freshwater ecosystem functioning  

Lucas W Zorzetti

Doctoral candidate

Interested in how climate change may affect  predator-prey interactions and ecosystem functions in freshwater ecosystems. Especially interested in the combined effects of warming, body size and high carbon dioxide concentrations. I am also interested on the effects of inter-ecosystem fluxes between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.

João V. de Alcantara Viana

Doctoral candidate

Interested in anti-predatory strategies. Currently, my specific interests are to understand how substrate colour changes influence habitat selection and adoption of camouflage strategies by arthropods in the view of their predators, especially predatory birds.

Izadora Nardi Gonzalez

Undergraduate student

Interested in understanding the effects of temperature variations and changes in leaf litter functional composition on aquatic insect body sizes.


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